The following is a one-stop guide for all the F1 coverage details in 2022. It will be updated throughout the off-season so keep an eye out.

Channel 4 F1
– Steve Jones (Presenter)
– Lee McKenzie (Presenter + Reporter)
– Alex Jacques (Commentator)
– Alice Powell (Analyst)
– Billy Monger (Analyst)
– David Coulthard (Analyst)
– Eddie Jordan (Analyst)
– Mark Webber (Analyst)
– Lawrence Barretto (Reporter)

Channel 4 will screen…
1) Live coverage of the British Grand Prix weekend
2) Highlights of every other race

Sky Sports F1
– Simon Lazenby (Presenter)
– Natalie Pinkham (Presenter + Reporter)
– Rachel Brookes (Reporter)
– David Croft (Commentator)
– Anthony Davidson (Analyst)
– Damon Hill (Analyst)
– Danica Patrick (Analyst)
– Jenson Button (Analyst)
– Johnny Herbert (Analyst)
– Karun Chandhok (Analyst)
– Martin Brundle (Analyst)
– Naomi Schiff (Analyst)
– Paul di Resta (Analyst)
– Ted Kravitz (Pitlane)

Sky Sports F1 will screen…
– every F1, F2 and F3 session live
– interviews and other tidbits on Sky Sports News with Craig Slater
– Any Driven Monday, a magazine show with Naomi Schiff and Matt Baker presenting

BBC 5 Live F1
– Jack Nicholls (Commentator)
– Jack Aitken (Analyst)
– Jamie Chadwick (Analyst)
– Jolyon Palmer (Analyst)
– Marc Priestley (Analyst)
– Sam Bird (Analyst)
– Jennie Gow (Pitlane)

BBC F1 is…
– available to listen to again for up to 7 days on BBC iPlayer
– available to listen live online for every race

Other bits
– Sky Sports will broadcast F1 exclusively from 2019 to 2024
– Channel 4 will broadcast F1 highlights from 2020 to 2022
– BBC will broadcast F1 on radio from 2022 to 2024
– Channel 4’s F1 coverage is produced by Whisper

Updated on March 24th, 2022.

42 thoughts on “Coverage

      1. I assume practice commentary will be rotated again this year, so no, he’s not one of their main commentators.

  1. Hi, what is the name of the theme song of ‘SkySports F1- Legends Of Formula One’… Been looking for the song for months now and i can’t even shazam it… Help please 🙂

      1. Hello man I found the song. Its called “The Loner” by Jay Price if you’re interested as well 🙂

  2. Do you know if American timezone races have a 2 hour highlights show because last year they were 90 minutes? However, I thought this was because of Brazil which is live this season.

    1. I’ve changed it to 90 minutes. A disappointing reduction admittedly, so it’ll be interesting to see if this reverts back to 2 hours for 2015.

  3. I can’t see any 2 hour highlights packages for 2015, which is disappointing, however must be to do with the BBC’s cost cutting. I hope the coverage doesn’t drop any lower than the now-to-be 90min packages. To improve the shows at least 75mins should be race action because 30mins talking is boring and definitely not needed.

  4. Good News for F1 fans because the third round in China will have a 2hr race highlights package. Sorry for the early year confusion. It is good to have one back in 2015.

    Chinese GPQ – 1pm – 2.15pm BBC 1.
    Chinese GP – 2pm – 3.55pm BBC 1.

  5. Presenters! Please note that his name is Ricciardo and NOT Riccardo.

    For confirmation ask Christian Horner. (Formula 1)

  6. when I watch televised f-1 events, it appears that the commentators are not actually at the track? can you explane why its done this way? Thanks !

    1. Setanta Ireland’s rights won’t change compared with 2015.

      I suspect they will use Channel 4 commentary but until we know the line up it’s difficult to say for definite.

  7. I e-mailed Setanta before Christmas asking who’s commentary feed will they use for the 2016 season & they e-mailed me back telling me that it’ll be the same as last year BBC Radio 5 live.

  8. I watch Sky Sports F1 channel through my Talktalk box, (their boost system) get Sky1, Sky2 and Sky Sports 1 thrown in, handy to record early races, etc. Not cheap at £30 pm, but the rest of Talktalk package is very reasonable, much better service and help than Sky used to be when we had it years ago. Didn’t have it long, service was rubbish and so expensive.
    You can opt in and out monthly, if wanted, for the three bare months, or any other reason.

  9. If you look in to the history of the javelin it was once stippled which was eventually baned because it traveled to far. Also a paint was baned as it had the same effect. So mat paint may give you an advantage with air flow. Not too far fetched.

  10. Absolutely disgraceful that the fans are yet again being ripped off in the republic of Ireland just so they can get to see formula 1 races – tv companies need to realise that ripping off fans is not the way to go

  11. During Abu Dhabi race I heard a comment on channel 4 that media is covering the big teams 80% of the time and the small teams only 20%. I don´t know if there is any truth in this or where they found this. Does anyone know if this is correct? If it is correct, it is even tougher for the small teams as their sponsors get very little coverage for their money, I think.

  12. Lets hope again that the opener in Australia has a 2hr 30min highlights show for the race and also and extended Qualifying show. I believe that Qualifying Highlights will air slightly later due to no Horse Racing coverage on Channel 4, unless they move it earlier to avoid a clash with ITV.

    12.00 – 13.45: Qualifying Highlights
    13.00 – 15.30: Grand Prix Highlights

  13. Thanks for an interesting blog. Just a couple of things to add.

    Radio 5 Live / 5 Live Sports extra haveThe Chain as their theme music.

    The program is produced by UPS Content.

    Some of the practice sessions are only avilable online due to other sports being on 5 Live Sports extra instead.

    Despite promoting the fact that when there is one event on 5 Live, they broadcast something equally as important on 5 Live Sports Extra, they regularly don’t do this.

  14. Nice to hear Ben Edwards on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra this weekend. It’s a one off stand-in, no doubt from the UK rather than the circuit.

    If anyone missed Ben, as it was broadcast on Sports Extra you can listen to it again.

    The BBC doesn’t offer such a service when it is only on the BBC Sport Web Site. This can lead to situations where you can listen again to free practice but not the race if the free practice is on Sports Extra but the race is only on ths BBC Sport Web Site

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