Alonso boosts McLaren’s social media profile, but still behind Mercedes

Fernando Alonso’s move to McLaren has boosted their social media profile across Facebook and Twitter, but the boost is not enough to overhaul Mercedes, thanks to their mammoth Facebook following.

As discussed previously, the numbers below are not unique, however the eight million people that follow Mercedes on Facebook is almost double McLaren’s entire social media offering! With a combined 16.6 million followers covering team and driver, Mercedes offering is comfortably ahead of McLaren’s 9.8 million followers.

F1's social media statistics as of 11th December 2014.
F1’s social media statistics as of 11th December 2014.

On Facebook, Mercedes portfolio is almost triple McLaren and Red Bull, the latter not helped at this stage by Daniel Ricciardo’s and Daniil Kvyat’s relatively small following. Ferrari also are not helped by neither of their drivers involved in social media for 2015, both Vettel and Raikkonen absent from social media platforms.

The low positioning of Williams may surprise some given their stellar year, although it has to be said that Lotus, who are above them in both have a fantastic social media offering and it is easy to see why they are ahead of Williams in this regard.

Further down, Toro Rosso are tail enders, as has been the case for a while, as they do not have an identity and are simply treated as ‘Red Bull #2’ rather than their own unique outfit.


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