ITV4 bumps Mexico City ePrix to late-night due to snooker coverage

ITV will not be airing next month’s Mexico City ePrix live, it has been confirmed.

During the Buenos Aires ePrix highlights programme, presenter Jennie Gow confirmed that ITV4’s coverage of the Mexico City round on Saturday 12th March will be delayed due to live coverage of Snooker’s World Grand Prix tournament, which is airing on ITV4 from Tuesday 8th March through to Sunday 13th March. The Mexico City ePrix is currently due to air on ITV4 at 23:15 on the Saturday.

From a viewing figures perspective, it is a sensible decision. According to overnight viewing figures, yesterday’s Buenos Aires ePrix attracted an audience of 132k (0.7%), recording a 5-minute peak of 248k (1.2%) on ITV4. Whilst the peak audience was the highest of the season for Formula E, it was down 41.3 percent on last year’s figure of 423k (1.9%).

In comparison, the aforementioned World Grand Prix snooker tournament last year attracted average audiences of anywhere between 150k and 500k depending on the session and time of day. The semi-final session last year on the Saturday evening recorded a 5-minute peak of 422k (2.0%). The decision may well have been different had Formula E’s figures held up more this season, although I feel ITV’s extremely poor promotion of the series is to blame for that.

Either way, I hope ITV air their live coverage online, I would be surprised if they bump anything on ITV2 or ITV3 for the Mexico City ePrix (the chances of it bumping any of their main channel’s line-up is zero). If ITV do not air coverage online, you have to hope that the official Formula E YouTube stream is not geo-blocked otherwise UK fans will be hunting out other methods of viewing. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if live coverage turned up on BT Sport, but we will see.

Update on February 10th – Good news, the official Formula E website will be streaming the ePrix live. The website explains that Mexico was pencilled in for March 19th but was moved to March 12th. Ali Russell, Director of Media and Communications at Formula E said: “While it is very unfortunate that the scheduling clash means the Mexico race will not be shown live on television in the UK, this does give us the opportunity to stream the race live on the internet and opens up the opportunity for a whole new audience to experience the thrill of Formula E.”


8 thoughts on “ITV4 bumps Mexico City ePrix to late-night due to snooker coverage

  1. eprix, never understood why they put that after some races like mexico. Just know it myself as formula e
    Watch only on the app now, still the same commentary team.
    So do not have to listen to the itv yawnful chatter before and after the race on itv.

  2. I find this very annoying from ITV and makes me want them to lose the rights even more! They NEED to have it live, even if they have 10 mins of build up and NoAnalysis, ITV need to have it live. If ITV4 is not possible try ITV then ITV2 or 3. I will complain to ITV about this.

  3. Ive checked everything out with ITV’s coverage on Saturday 12th March. It hasnt been released yet, but I have a vague idea what is going on.
    Ninja warrior UK comes to a close next Saturday (13th Feb) and will be replaced by Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway the following Saturday (20th Feb). The Johnathan Woss Show will enter it’s final week of the current series, however the one in the middle is the most important one.
    Take Me Out’s Series will end on the 5th on March, therefore It will be replaced by something the following week. Or the week after that please. That gap in air time will help Formula E on ITV massively In my opinion.
    ITV have 2 Six nations games that day, and i would expect their coverage to end at 18:30.
    So this is how I would like ITV to plan the rest of their evening.

    18:30 ITV Regional News
    18:45 ITV News
    19:00 Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
    20:20 The Jonathan Woss Show
    21:20 LIVE: FIA Formula E – Mexico
    23:30 ITV News
    23:45 FILM

    That would give Formula E:
    a) Air Time on their main channel, increasing the viewing figures.
    b) 40 mins of build up and 30 mins of Analysis. Which i think would be enough
    c) It would not affect ITV’s Saturday Night coverage that badly.

    The only bad things i see is Jonathan has been brought forward by about 1 hour, and the ITV News and Late Night Film has been pushed back by an hour. But I still think that that schedule would be good for both Formula E and ITV.

  4. It’s about advertising revenue, why would ITV choose to lose out just to promote Formula E. It’s business, it’s as simple as that.

  5. Worth mentioning, the snooker semi-final that night ‘could’ finish early (best of 11 frames), so if it is a one-sided match or the frames go quickly and it’s all over by 10pm, I wonder if ITV4 would join the race live?

  6. or the snooker could over run and cause panic for people waiting for the race and loads of moans going to ITV4. so this is a no win unless its on a different channel

  7. If the Snooker finishes early, as a “devoted” broadcaster (questionable), they should cut live to the ePrix. I think it should be shown on either ITV or ITV2. I think it could fit in a shortened programme on either station. I have study the ITV2 schedule and it looks easier to pull something there than on ITV. It would have a gap from about 21.20 until as late as 00.00, this could mean ITV2 could show it live with short build-up, e.g.

    20.20 – 21.20: (N/a)
    21.20 – 11.25: Mexico City ePrix Live
    11.25 – 00.00: Keith Lemon Sketch Show

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