DHL and Sure become Sky F1 title sponsors

DHL and Sure are the new Sky Sports F1 title sponsors for the 2016 Formula One season. Viewers watching the Australian Grand Prix will have noticed the DHL and Sure sponsorship used leading in and out of commercial breaks at various stages. Sure’s new deal is an extension of their current partnership with Sky Sports News.

For 2012, Santander and were the title sponsors. In 2013 and 2014, Sky’s coverage was sponsored by Rolex and Shell, whilst FairFX was their sponsor last season.

Unlike last year, both sponsors have been found before the season started which is good news for Sky, although admittedly both have some direct involvement in F1, so the amount of money Sky is gaining as a result is probably less than last season.


2 thoughts on “DHL and Sure become Sky F1 title sponsors

  1. DHL has the same sponsorship at Sky Germany. The sponsorship was at the beginning and the end of today’s coverage.

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