Sky’s F1 channel drops down the EPG

Sky’s Formula 1 channel has moved down the EPG for the second time since its launch, thanks to the launch of Sky Sports Mix.

The move follows a reversal from two years ago where Sky Sports News HQ was promoted to 401 and then last month demoted to 406. The move involving Mix takes place today and sees (comparison with June):

– 401 = Sky Sports 1 (was 402)
– 402 = Sky Sports 2 (was 403)
– 403 = Sky Sports 3 (was 404)
– 404 = Sky Sports 4 (was 405)
– 405 = Sky Sports 5 (was 406)
– 406 = Sky Sports News HQ (was 401)
– 407 = Sky Sports Mix (new)
– 408 = Sky Sports F1 (was 407)

Sky Sports F1 is still on the first page of the EPG, so viewing figures for each race should remain unaffected.

I don’t see doing Sky Sports Mix doing well, non sports fans are unlikely to venture it out given its placement on the EPG. It would have had more success being in with the general entertainment channels, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Sky’s F1 channel drops down the EPG

  1. Interesting, from what you’ve said in the past I got the feeling that Sky Sports Mix was more of a concession on Sky’s part. Almost to say: “We know we pissed a lot of people off with our 2019 exclusive deal, so we’ll just put this service in that no-one will watch and it’ll show the British GP live and maybe one or two others, with the rest as just highlights…” Almost like they’re going through the motions now that they have gotten rid of Channel 4’s future competition.

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