Site announcement: a new home (literally…)

Hi all,

Firstly, before getting on to the main body, I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone for continuing to read Motorsport Broadcasting over the Summer months. It has been a busy Summer, with exclusive content around the W Series, MotoGP and most recently attending the Black Book Motorsport Forum.

If there is one thing I have learnt more so in recent months, it is that there are people reading this site in many paddocks across the world: two wheels or four, large or small, more so than I previously thought outside of the Twittersphere, which is awesome to see.

Of course, the trips over the Summer months do not come cheap. The pieces I write are distinctive, which you cannot find in either the internet or print media space.

However, the expense of travelling to events far outweighs the donations received, plus advertising – a statement which I suspect applies to many independent motor racing sites out there.

Without wanting to lumber the point, if you have enjoyed the content I write, a small donation will go long way and would be very much appreciated. I should say, I love writing what I write, and the moment I do not love it is the moment I will stop.

It is important for me to ensure that Motorsport Broadcasting can fund itself, when taking into account additional expenses (such as attending industry events).

This is more important moving forward because, as of tomorrow and on a personal note, I will be a home owner for the first time. Which is both amazing and scary in equal measure!

The main point to mention is that there may be some disruption in terms of content during the house move, let me call it a period of adjustment as I settle in to new surroundings.

I do not know how long the adjustment will take, so bear with me if the content is a bit thin in the months ahead until things settle down. In the long-term, having my own home may well present some opportunities (someone did joke to me about YouTube, or at least I hope they were joking!).

There are some pieces already lined up over the next few weeks, including two guest articles, as well as the usual scheduling posts and audience data, so there may not be an immediate change. And, if you fancy writing a guest article, head over here

As always, thanks for continuing to support this site, I really do appreciate it. Onwards and upwards!

Owner and Editor of Motorsport Broadcasting

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4 thoughts on “Site announcement: a new home (literally…)

  1. May I suggest Patreon to get people to donate monthly to help with your costs, you don’t have to be a YouTuber to use it

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and although I’ve been following F1 and other motorsports for a a long time, I’ve learned a lot from your posts and insights. I have two thoughts about how you can help fund this blog. Maybe you’re already doing some of these things…

    – Publicity! Folks can’t read and can’t contribute if they don’t know about it.I suggest that you contact other industry blogs and websites and let them know about the unique content that you’re creating. Put yourself out there as much as you can.

    – Consider starting a podcast. Podcasts are massively popular these days. They have the unique option to be listened on the go, which means that people that don’t have the time or inclination to read the blog can listen while they’re commuting, at work, etc. Podcasting is a low budget undertaking. Plus, you’re guests will help publicize you’re work.

    Also, I second the suggestion re: Patreon.

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