Brazilian Grand Prix records lowest rating in nearly a decade

The Brazilian Grand Prix dropped to its lowest rating in nearly a decade, unofficial overnight viewing figures show.

The race, shown live on BBC One, averaged 3.45m (19.9%) from 15:00 to 18:05. Sky Sports F1’s live coverage, for their designated race show from 15:00 to 18:15, averaged a further 499k (2.8%). Both sides unsurprisingly were down on last year’s title deciding race. BBC’s coverage was down 1.72m, whilst Sky’s coverage dropped 45,000 viewers in comparison to their 14:30 to 19:30 average from 2012.

The combined average of 3.95 million viewers is the lowest since at least the 2005 race, as overnight data is available only as far back as January 1st, 2006. The previous lowest, between then and now for the Brazilian round was 4.8m (27.2%) in 2011.

The 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix ratings report can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Brazilian Grand Prix records lowest rating in nearly a decade

  1. Do you think it affects Sky’s on (and off) screen talent to know they’re going to all that effort for less than 500,000 viewers?

  2. Hardly surprising to say the least. These two seasons as part of the 7yr deal with BBC and Sky has plummeted audiences to near-record lows. I wouldn’t say it’s the domination of Vettel that’s doing the damage but I believe it might be to do with the fact that since Sky exclusive races at best average under 1m at best, the promotion of F1 seems to be sparse on both channels which is why we are seeing major drops in viewers watching F1 races.

  3. If Sky was really aimed at the dedicated F1 viewer … Where have they all gone?

    I class myself as an avid/dedicated viewer, and I watch all races, Qualifying and FP3 live, FP1 & 2 recorded and sometimes live, I also watch the races on both the BBC and Sky.

    But when you look at Sky’s viewers, you see about:
    500k for the race
    250k for Quali’
    Not much ‘dedication’ shown there.

    It’s no wonder that with a drop in AVE the sponsors are suffering as F1 increasingly goes behind pay walls, the teams are finding themselves in financial trouble.

  4. as a f1 fan who has watched since 1988 i have lost interest. i think it is because of the current rules and sky tv.

    qualifying is dull to watch compared to past. 1hr 3 set of sticky lyres and a spare made the car made the drives risk more trying for the ultimate lap. Currently you know which 4 wont get through q1 so why bother watching. q2 much the same so leaves 10minutes to watch. ‘ which i will not be paying sky to watch. In fact i only watch qualifying if i happen to be in now wont record it or watch the high lights.

    As sport fan we want to see our sports stars try . currently the tyres do not allow this and it becomes quite hard to watch. In fact with current engine rule freeze and same spec tyres it is becoming expensive one make racing. Gone are the days of some people have more powerful but uses more fuel engines or car on hard spec tyres trying to do the race on same set of tyres while another car tries a 3 stop race. Add to fact that some of race tracks are not designed to be good race tracks just happen to be a country where there is lot of money spare . How long to do think it will before they have success ballast?

    to follow this up they have created a situation where you can only watch half the races live. i think it is obvious why viewing figures have fallen.

    Also there are other race series which i can watch this year, le mans and fia gt racing have been great to watch.

  5. I’d agree with everything people have said but I think you also need to look at the feel and atmosphere of the series.

    Bar Kimi there are no real characters in F1. There may be some out there but they’re so concerned with contract clauses and sponsor image management they’re not allowed to be themselves.

    Even with the metronomic Schumacher at least he developed into a pantomime baddy fans loved to hate.

    F1 is becoming like watching a reality show based on German hotel concierges. Ruthlessly efficient, they can regurgitate company policy, stance and dictat in the blink of an eye but completely devoid of any charisma or personality.

  6. what about the practise viewing figures for brazil? surely that will show the number of dedicated bbc fans and the number of sky dedicated fans.

  7. Just seen the latest rules. double points for last race of season. Guess the FIA has been playing to much Mario cars and watching wacky races again.

    This is the end of f1 as far as i am concerned.

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